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Power outages are obviously very inconvenient and annoying. Thankfully, they only occur very rarely. Your electricity works normally 99.9% of the year. If this is not the case, we're usually working on our power grid. We carry out this maintenance work to keep our grid safe and reliable. Naturally, we want to minimise any inconveniences to our customers and always announce any maintenance work well in advance. Our tips will help you prepare for a brief period without electricity.

We regularly carry out maintenance on our power grid. This maintenance work helps prevent unsafe situations and greatly reduces the likelihood of unexpected power outages. Unexpected power outages are a major inconvenience; they can cause your electrical equipment to malfunction and we may have to interrupt your power supply several times in order to permanently resolve the problem.

No electricity in your home

Need to work in or around the house, but don't have electricity for a while? Our tips will help you prepare.

Power outage at your business location 

How do you do business without electricity? Our tips will help you prepare effectively.